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Strength is the stamina of the body to do work. The amount of work done depends on the strength. The ability to overcome the physical, emotional, or subjective obstacles that hinder our progress as human beings. Physical or moral strength to resist or withstand illness, fatigue, or hardship; endurance.
Strength is the capacity to continue an activity for some period of time or to repeat a movement continuously. In simple terms, it is the ability to 'keep going'. The length of time that we require to keep going determines the type of stamina required. It ranges from 'local muscular stamina' which is required to perform a series of powerful movements, such as press-ups of wood chopping to 'total stamina' where sustained effort is required over a prolonged period. It could be measured in hours, as with the long-distance runner, or even days of weeks, as in the case of the Arctic explorer.
Strength depends on the efficiency of the lungs, heart, blood vessels and the working muscles. It is often referred to as 'aerobic', where the exercise will be moderately energetic, making you slightly out of breath, and will last for 20 minutes or more, during which you breathe in sufficient oxygen to provide an adequate supply to the working muscles, so withstanding the onset of fatigue.


Every move you make requires muscle strength. In technical terms, muscle strength describes the force generated when a muscle or group of muscles contracts. In practical terms, muscle strength refers to the capacity to lift, push or pull against weight. Maintaining muscle strength over the long term is an essential component of your good health.
Daily Living : All of the many physical activities of your daily life require muscular strength. Getting out of bed, walking to the car, picking up a child, climbing the stairs, opening a jar and carrying a bag of groceries are accomplished only if you can generate the muscular force necessary to complete the task. Poor muscle strength caused by a sedentary lifestyle or medical condition increases your risk of developing limitations in your daily activities or a disability, especially as you age. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults participate in muscle-strengthening exercise involving all major muscles at least twice weekly.
Injury Prevention : Muscle weakness makes you more prone to injuries. Weak abdominal and back muscles increase your risk for low back injuries, potentially leading to chronic pain. Weak thigh muscles make your knees less stable and more susceptible to injuries. Shoulder injuries may occur with weakness of the rotator cuff muscles. Muscle weakness also increases the risk for injuries caused by falls, especially among older adults.
Anti-Aging : Beginning about age 40, you gradually lose muscle mass and strength. Although lost muscle mass accounts for some age-related loss of strength, there is more to the story. Muscle function becomes less efficient as you age, which means older muscles generate less force than younger muscles. Muscle-strengthening exercise, however, can reverse some of the age-related changes that contribute to muscle weakness. In a 2007 article published in the journal "PLoS ONE," Simon Melov, Ph.D., and colleagues report that resistance training in older adults not only improves muscle strength but reverses some of the age-related inefficiency of the muscles. In other words, strength training causes the muscles of older adults to function more like those of younger adults.
Health Benefits : Maintaining your muscle strength with regular weight or resistance training can reduce the likelihood of some diseases and abate the signs and symptoms of others. People with diabetes, for example, experience improved blood glucose control with regular resistance training. The pull of strong muscle contractions on your bones helps prevent bone loss, which may progress to osteoporosis. For people with rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, resistance training may reduce pain, fatigue and muscle weakness. Other potential benefits of maintaining muscle strength through regular exercise include better sleep, improved mood and self-confidence, and an increased metabolic rate, which aids in weight management.

Dosage of Ashwagandha Capsules/ How to Take ?

Dosage – 1 to 2 capsules twice daily, with warm water, after meals


Ashwagandha capsules of planet ayurveda are herbal remedy and are very effective in promoting strength in the body of an individual. Having less strength can make the person prone to various diseases and infections. So building strength helps in healthy daily living and performing all the daily activities of life.
Ashwagandha is a natural supplement for building strength. Ashwagandha capsules of planet ayurveda is a pure herbal remedy. This herbal remedy goes under QA and QC testing and is safe for building strength in the body for healthy living.The herbal remedy is a natural supplement. It works naturally in the body for building stamina. There are no side effects of this ayurvdedic medicine.


Stress reliever : Stress compromises virtually every system of the body, with the production of stress chemicals diminishing the healthy function of organs and glands. As an adaptogen, the root helps the body better adapt to stress. It has also been shown to improve overall mental aptitude and reaction time.

Strengthens muscles : Ashwagandha capsules is a soothing treat for tired and sore muscles. This nourishing capsules helps to ease tension and build strength when muscles are tired from overuse. These capsules are high in mineral including calcium and magnesium, both renowned for soothing the nervous system.

Supports a healthy immune system : ashwagandha capsules act as energy booster and therefore gives strength to the body to fight against infections and diseases.

Calms mental process : reduces tension on the mind and calms the body processes. This eases the tension and relaxes the mind.

Fosters healthy sleep patterns : Ashwagandha capsules allows for a calming effect. This quality of Ashwagandha makes it a prime supplement to use in the toning and rejuvenation process.

Sustains energy level and vitality : Ashwagandha capsules provide energy to the body, is a daily supplement for enhancing physical and mental strength of an individual.

Supports healthy joints : Ashwagandha promotes health as it maintains healthy joints and reduces the aging effect on muscles and joints.

Improves circulatory system : Ashwagandha capsules promotes health by improving the circulation of blood and keeps heart healthy.

Dosage of Ashwagandha Capsules/ How to Take ?

Dosage – 1 to 2 capsules twice daily, with warm water, after meals